About Patricia Maureen Photography - P.M.P - Patricia Maureen Photography - P.M.P

Patty Mo Owner/Photographer

Patricia Maureen Photography - P.M.P is owned and operated by Patty Mo. Patty Mo has had a love for photography since she was in the 2nd grade. Her class was going on a field trip to the zoo and she begged her mom to let her take a camera on the trip.  Her mom didn't want Patty Mo to break her good camera, so she surprised Patty Mo with a very small bright red camera that took the 110 film all of her own.

Her mom had also bought her 2 rolls of film for her camera and once she showed Patty Mo how to work it, that was it.. Patty Mo was hooked on photography.  Even though all but maybe 12 pictures from her field trip turned out blurry or finger in the shot, that didn't stop Patty Mo from begging her mom every week for another roll of film.

As the years went on Patty Mo got better cameras, and she developed a very natural eye for photography. At that point she had a camera attached to her hip like the kids these days with their smart phones. Every where Patty went, her camera wasn't far away.. in her purse, her pocket, her car, her backpack... you name it.

All her friends and family used to tease Patty Mo because she was the queen of "Selfies" before "Selfies" was a thing.  Everyone always complained that Patty Mo took way to many pictures.

That didn't stop Patty Mo.. when the digital age hit it was a whole different ball game for Patty Mo. When she was finally able to review her pictures and could delete them and take them again it opened up the horizon with a world of opportunities for Patty Mo to grow as a photographer.

After years of taking pictures of family and friends as  a hobby, the desire that had lingered in the past and had been mentioned a few times about her starting her own business in photography, finally presented it self clear as day and finally after 25+ years of just taking pictures for fun, Patty Mo opened Patricia Maureen Photography - P.M.P and P.M.P Photo Booths in March of 2014.

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